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Holiday Camps FAQs


  1. What is a holiday camp?
  2. When can my child go on a holiday camp?
  3. Why can’t my four year old go on a holiday camp?
  4. What is an Ofsted holiday camp?
  5. What does my child do on a holiday camp?
  6. How much does a holiday camp cost?
  7. Can I use childcare vouchers?
  8. What loyalty savings can I make?
  9. Who are the coaches?
  10. What does my child need to wear?
  11. What snacks should I provide?
  12. What time do I need to drop off and pick up my child?
  13. Where do I drop off and pick up my child?


1. What is a Holiday Camp?

An MSP holiday camp is an active way to keep your children entertained for a day or number of days.

Our camps are:

  • Ofsted registered
  • For children aged 5 – 11
  • Designed for children all sporting abilities and backgrounds

Over the course of the day your child will:

  • Have the opportunity to make new friends
  • Learn an array of sporting skills
  • Take part in numerous different sporting activities and compete in team challenges.

2. When can my child go on a holiday camp?

At MSP our holiday camps run throughout the year during half term school holidays, Easter Holidays, Summer Holidays and Christmas Holidays.

We run camps at:

  • Yarborough Leisure Centre
  • Washingborough Academy
  • Fosse Way Academy (North Hykeham) 
  • Newark Magnus Academy.

Our entertaining holiday camps are for boys and girls between the ages of 5-11. Children can attend for a day or a number of days fitting around your existing work commitments and holidays. A typical day runs from 9 am – 4 pm, however, extra time can also be booked (8 am – 9 am & 4 pm – 5 pm) giving you that extra flexibility.

3. Why Can’t my four year old go on a holiday camp?

Our Holiday camps are Ofsted registered camps designed for boys and girls aged 5 – 11 years. To be an Ofsted registered camp we can only accept children who are 5 years or over. 

4. What is an Ofsted Holiday Camp?

Our camps are Ofsted registered which means all of our staff have certain qualifications as well as an enhanced DBS check, pediatric first aid training and a commitment to continual professional development. It also means our venues and day to day running hit Ofsted requirements to ensure your child is in a safe environment.

5. What can my child do on a holiday camp?

Multi Sports

At an MSP holiday camp, your child will participate in a number of sporting activities. Our camps are designed for children of all ages and sporting abilities. Over the course of a day, children will learn new skills including social, technical and physical. Children will take place in numerous sporting activities such as dodgeball, football, archery and many more.


Some of the days at our camps are inflatable days where children will have the opportunity to use some of the following: giant slides, bouncy castles, bouncy boxing, gladiator duel or an obstacle course.

Football (Kick Pro)

We also hold days that are specifically for those football mad children, everything about the day is football. We will practice specific skills such as shooting, dribbling and turning in the morning then look to apply these skills in a tournament in the afternoon. For more information on our inflatable and football (Kick Pro) days please visit the website. 


Swimming is available at Yarborough Leisure Centre at Multi Sport and Inflatable camps. It is for children aged 6 and upwards.

6. How much does it cost?

Our holiday camps are £20 per day for 9 am – 4 pm and £23 8 am — 5 pm. Childcare vouchers are accepted as payment or part payment.

As an Ofsted Registered camp our pricing reflects the standard of childcare that we provide as well as the variety of activities that we offer, including swimming and inflatables.

We also offer loyalty discounts when you reach a certain threshold. See question 8 for more info.

7. Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes! We accept childcare vouchers as payment or part payment. When making your booking, please select that you would like to pay with childcare vouchers. You will then receive an email from us within 24 hours of your booking asking who your childcare voucher provider is. Once we have sent you over the relevant information and you have made the payment to us, your booking will be complete.

8. What loyalty savings can I make?

Our loyalty scheme runs from January 1st to December 31st each year. In order to qualify for the different discount thresholds, you will need to spend the following amounts with us throughout the year.

The more you spend the more you save.

Spend over £150 and save 10% on every booking after.

Spend over £300 and save 15% on every booking after.

Spend over £450 and save 20% on every booking after.

9. Who are the coaches?

All of the coaches are full-time employees of Multi Sport Pro, during term time they provide high-quality PE in primary schools. They are enthusiastic, caring and all share a love of passings their sporting knowledge onto your child. Whether your child is just starting off on their sporting adventure or an accomplished young athlete our coaches possess the knowledge and adaptability to ensure your child is in an environment to not only improve but have oodles of fun while doing so.

10. What does my child need to wear? 

All of our facilities have indoor and outdoor facilities but please be prepared for all weather conditions. Where the weather is particularly cold or wet, children will remain indoors.

We advise your children to wear:

  • shorts/tracksuit bottoms
  • a t-shirt and jumper/jacket
  • a coat for walking to and from venues
  • suitable footwear such as trainers are important
  • football boots can be worn if we are on the 3G pitch or field
  • swimwear and a towel when attending Yarborough Leisure Centre camp if your child is swimming
  • If the weather is particularly hot, please ensure sun cream is applied and a hat can be worn. Ideally, all day sun protection should be applied so that there is less need to reapply during the course of the day.

11. What snacks do I need to provide? 

Your child will need:

  • a named water bottle
  • a packed lunch 
  • a snack for break time

Drinking water is available at all of our locations to refill your child’s water bottle.

12. What time do I need to drop off and pick up my child? 

When dropping off your child/children for extra time please arrive at any time between 8 am – 9 am and arrive to collect your child at any time between 4 pm – 5 pm. If your child/children are not attending the extra time sessions, they can be dropped off at 9 am and collected at 4 pm.

13. Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

There will be a coach in the car park areas of all the venues to direct you to the correct registration point. Below are the following places to meet for registration and to collect at the end of the day.

Yarborough Leisure Centre:  The Sports Hub next to the athletics track.

Washingborough Academy: School Reception.

Fosse Way Academy: Sports Hall accessed from the front playground of the school.

Newark Magnus Academy: School canteen next to the sports centre.

14. Where do I drop off if I am running late?

Yarborough Leisure Centre: Please check the sports hall, gymnasium or the hub around the back of the leisure centre.

Washingborough: Please call the MSP office on 01522 704387

Fosse Way Academy: Please call the MSP office on 01522 704387

Newark Magnus Academy: Sports Hall, Astroturf pitches or School Field behind the sports hall.

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