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Active Indoor Games for Kids


Active Indoor Games for Kids


Rain sucks! When your stuck inside it’s hard to find active things to do. But fear not, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 active games taken from our free guide 50 Active Indoor Games for Rainy Days.

1. Balloon Jump

Hang a balloon from string in a doorway, place it a few inches higher than your child’s arm reach. Challenge them to jump and touch it with their hand or the top of their head. They’ll tire pretty quick with this game!

Tape Shapes Indoor Game

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2. Tape Shapes

Use masking tape or coloured washie tape to draw shapes, letters or numbers on the floor. Give your child different actions to get to the next destination such as hop to number 4, skip to the square etc. This is great for little ones to learn shapes, letters and numbers!

3. Chair Football

You’ll need a softball or scrunched up paper taped in a ball. Set out your kitchen chairs in a circle and get each player to sit on one. The aim is to kick the ball between the other players legs to score a goal.

Mission Impossible Indoor Game

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4. Mission Impossible Obstacle Maze

In your hallway, create a mission impossible style challenge using crepe paper and tape. Strategically place tape so that your kids have to duck, crawl, and jump to get to the other side without breaking the paper.

5. Copy Cat

You and your child stand facing each other. Get your child to copy your movements. Do star jumps, act like a chicken, run on the stop. Make it high energy and you’ll be giggling and working up a sweat in no time.

Want more active indoor games like this? Sign up for our free guide 50 Active Indoor Games for Rainy Days.

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